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The Gang

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Look Mom, You are doing a GREAT job!

I haven't blogged in a while....okay...a LONG while but honestly I didn't have anything to say that other blog posts didn't say better. Why re-invent the wheel right? But today I do have something to say and I believe it is timely.

There is SO MUCH mommy guilt going around on the internet that I honestly just can't take it anymore. Every time I log on Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo....ANYWHERE there is a post or an article telling moms what they aren't doing enough of....hugging our kids, spending time with our kids, spending more time with our spouse, feeding our family better food, being more involved in their school, being more involved in kids sports, not being so involved in kids sports, reading more with them, taking them more places, making more of the household items from scratch, meal planning AMAZING organic-no artificial-no preservatives- HOME COOKED- previously frozen crock pots meals...I mean this list keeps going and going!!! Who can do all that?! NO ONE! Yet we ALWAYS click on them, forward them, and share them as if to say "Okay candidates for the loser mom of the month club, look what I read and felt convicted on, YOU SHOULD TOO!" AHHHH!!!! It's such a vicious cycle!!

So....Do you want to know the truth?

And yes I thought the Spanish (actually these are Portuguese...oops!) caption gave it a little something extra ;)

The truth know that woman on Facebook that makes all her kids clothes, has her own 3 acre garden, churns her own butter and instantly makes you feel like 1/8th of a mom? She struggles with believing she isn't good enough, that no matter what she does she never feels like she measures up.

You know that girl with all the money, showroom house, nice cars and hip/trendy clothes? She struggles with crippling body image issues. No matter how beautiful we all know she really is, she still looks in the mirror and sees a troll.

You know that family with the kids adopted from 4 different countries and they all skip happily through the fields picking flowers, blowing bubbles and pooping rainbows? Yeah when the cameras aren't rolling they are restraining a child who pulled a knife on them because he was raging over not being able to play video games when he wanted to.

You know that family with the 2 kids, laid back lifestyle that can travel whenever they want, eat out whenever they want and just seem good at everything they touch? Yeah they are DESPERATE for more kids but can't conceive. Everywhere they go they see babies and it's absolutely heart breaking.

You see folks.....there is no greener grass except for in heaven when we will have the same fertilizer man....JESUS.

You were meant to be aren't going to be able to DO IT ALL...EVER...on this planet! Moms-you are never going to be able to simultaneously have a sparkly clean ceiling to baseboard house, organic fresh from the backyard garden scratch dinner, one hour of bible reading followed by one hour of personal ME time, every item of clothing washed, folded and in it's proper place, kids lined up with clean butts, faces, clipped fingernails and collared shirts telling you how "Gee golly swell of a mom you are", you all perfectly put together with actual cute undergarments that match (GASP)-makeup and hair done (double GASP) and .....wait for outfit that cost more than $40 and shoes from the current season ALL IN ONE DAY. AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Trust me. The women from the 1950's tried it and birth the Feminist movement. Let's not go there.....bad things happen.

We are all a 500 piece puzzle with 53 1/2 pieces MISSING on PURPOSE. We need Jesus to help us fill in the holes and frankly....He can only fill 70% until we get to heaven people. So STOP TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF!

The mom that can sew amazing clothes for her kids can't fix her hair or makeup to save her life. The mom with the amazing hair and makeup can't get her kids to LISTEN to her to save her life. The mom with the incredibly well behaved kids feels unloved and ignored by her husband. The  mom with the amazing husband thinks she looks like a troll. The super skinny mom with six pack abs can't boil an egg to save her life. The mom who can cook us all under the table has a house that looks like post Katrina. The mom with the white glove approved baseboards can't homeschool her kids to save her life. The mom who homeschools like she invented it can't even figure out HOW to turn her sewing machine on!

This is reality people. We are never going to measure up to the standards we let society set for us. So the next time you look at some picture on Facebook and feel that mommy guilt creeping in because you can't table set like she can....remember she doesn't set the bar...she is 15 feet below it standing next to YOU looking up thinking "Really? I can't do that either". YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. Enough already.

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MamaV said...

As someone once said to my mom "why should YOU be so good at everything?"

I loved this ;-)