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The Gang

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Svetlana......A letter to my son's mom

Dear Svetlana,

Today is a very difficult day for you. While I get to hug and squeeze our son and make all his birthday dreams come stare off into the foggy distance and wonder if he even remembers who you are. All I can say is that not only does he remember your name, but he remembers your face too. I can't speak on his behalf, but I believe he is on the road to forgiveness and healing and one day we will all sit in a room together and feel joy. Until that day know this.....I know that no matter how bad things went you never dreamed for your life to be this way. No mother wants to be without her child. And I believe that when we look past the alcohol, the abusive men and all the drugs there is a woman who desperately wants to feel that she has value and worth. There are two people who suffered loss the day your rights were terminated and I want you to know there isn't a day that passes that I don't remember your loss and the cost of adoption.

And while you may not recognize your little Dins Krjuckovs anymore, God is weaving a new part to the tapestry complete with a new name and a solid identity. Our little boy has found peace, he has found security and he has found love. And while it may seem like these "Americans" probably swooped in and saved him from a life of poverty, despair and drug abuse......something no one did for you...... Oh my sweet sweet Svetlana, it is this dear boy who has saved our lives. So while your spirit breaks and your mommy heart weeps today....know your boy.....our changing lives everywhere he goes...with just a simple smile. And I believe my favorite qualities about him, his tenderness and yes....even his smile...come from the one who brought him into this world. Today... you are remembered and when I smile at him....I am smiling at you. We are raising an amazing boy, aren't we?

Here are just some of the things he teaches me daily.... 






Unconditional love





With love,
The Other Mom

Monday, February 20, 2012

Conversations with a former orphan

Last week as we were driving home from a therapy session with the foster kids Nathan made a statement out of left field that has left my heart heavy. I am not sure what we were talking about, I think the conversation was about when one of the kids was in the womb and they were asking questions about what cravings I had with them. Nathan then blurted out "I wish I was born in America." Everyone got quiet and then I spoke up, "Why did you say that buddy?" His response..."Because my real Latvia mom just left me there, at Dzeguzite (Orphanage). She just left me there and would go one year, four years without seeing me and just LEFT me there you know?! They only come see me every few years and they come at wrong times, they would get in trouble!" Everyone got quiet and I made eye contact with him through the rear view mirror. "Look at me", I said. His eyes peered up kinda pouty like. "It's not your fault." "I know" he mumbled under his breath. "Nathan....look at me....IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT." He just looked at me taking in what I said. "I really believe with all my heart that your birth mother and father love you more than anything in this world. But the reality is that alcohol and drugs change people. They make even the best of people make the worst of decisions. It's not because of you and has nothing to do with you. They love you....they just can't be the mom and the dad you need." He shook his head and smirked. "You know what's funny mom, I look like you more than anyone else in the car!" "Yep buddy, you sure do....because you were born in my heart."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Forgiving the Other Woman...

Being the mother of a son is an amazing gift. For a good 16 years, you are the main woman in their life. You are the center of their universe, the one they cry for, run to and fight for -just to hold your hand. You know every bump, bruise, ouchie and boo boo. Your the keeper of every hilarious moment they have ever had.....every tear they have ever shed....every moment that lit up their eyes.
For an adopted's different. Nathan isn't a true orphan being that his mother is alive. She has drifted in and out of his life until the moment we got him. So naturally I've read the reports, the court documents and the social workers notes yet.....I still felt compassion for her. I had imagined this story of a helpless young girl, living in a hopeless country without love or guidance. I wanted to make excuses for her.....and I did. You see adopted children, especially older adopted children, come with a past. They have stories to tell....stories of things they have seen and experienced. They also have questions...lots of questions..questions they have never felt comfortable enough to ask or perhaps there was never anyone to ask. I told myself from the beginning we would talk about things. We wouldn't pretend they didn't happen and wouldn't silence him when he began to share his horror stories. As Sandra Bullock's character says in "The Blind Side"...Your suppose to peel an onion a layer at a time....."well not if you use a knife"! That's what we did.....sliced it right down the middle and dove in. There was nothing he hasn't said that I don't relate to in some form or fashion. Some things were hard to hear though....especially from a child. There has been hurts shared, fears revealed and tears wiped. But, what I wasn't prepared for....was the memory of her.
Since he has been home we have always talked about her...but it was more me making excuses for her. He would always ask "Why Latvia mom no want me....why she no take care of me.....why she go away?" So, based on the perception I imagined I answered his questions from my heart. I explained how much she did love him, how she couldn't take care of him because of her choices and lack of resources and education. I have spent the last several months building him up in love for her and forgiveness of her abandonment. I knew that no matter how bad she treated him that deep down she had to love him and that no matter what the reports said she was a child of God and I wanted him to see her they way God saw her. So last night as we sat on the couch talking and doing the mundane I found myself in uncharted territory. As he asked me the normal 80 questions back to back, he took a moment and paused and then said..."Mom when I get older I think I go back to Latvia and visit and see my mom....she probably misses me. You think so? Cause she loves me alot. She is probably sad she no know where I am. I still love her even though she hurt me, right?" I found myself railroaded with emotion. He was MY son. I had went there to get him. I had done the hard work. I am cleaning up the damage SHE made. HE WAS MINE. All these feelings flooded in.....and there I stood with tears welling up as I said..."I am sure she does. I will try to write her a letter and let her know your okay and yes....of course you love her too". "Thanks you!! Big kisses" and then he ran off to play. I just sat there on the couch. I was humbly reminded their was another woman. Another girl in his life. Someone who knew his past....his precious first years that I will never know. I then found myself angry. How could anyone throw him away. How could anyone consent to allow their child to be given away to what seems like the highest bidder. Why?! How?! It's then that I realized I had never forgiven her. I had fed him text book lines all these months and never really listened to what I was saying. As much as I would like to make her disappear forever...I can't. I have to share his love with her. She can have his past....and I will have his future.
And for as much as I love him.....I have to be okay with that.
And this will be my prayer.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bringing Dins Home.......our official adoption journey

So I know it's been too long since I've posted and I'm working on fixing that!! I did, however, put together this video from our official adoption trip. Words can't describe how amazing the trip was! God revealed so much to us about ourselves and about him. I hope that through this video you can share in the joy we experienced but also see first hand the impact one person can make on another. Through the donations, prayers, support and encouragement of others through Jesus Christ-another orphan has been rescued from Satan's grip. Talk about hearing the heavens rejoicing!! Praise God!!
In His Service,
The Clingers

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adopting Dinz Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Friends, families and supporters!! We got home from Latvia on Sunday and we are still trying to adjust back to regular time!! Internet access was sporaic at times and blogspot was in Latvian so I was unable to blog about our adventures oversea's. Over the next few days I will be posting about our journey and all that God revealed to us. The biggest and best news is that we have custody of Nathan Dins James Clinger and he cleaned out his room at the orphanage and now resides in our home...forever!! PRAISE AND GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH KING!! I can't thank you all enough for your prayers, encouragement, contributions and support! God has blessed us with amazing people in our life and we are forever grateful!! I just want to touch base and let you know about another upcoming fundraiser...I know I know-another one. We will travel to Latvia again in January to final the adoption and receive his birth certificate with our names on it...sigh.... and then again 30 days after that to complete his immigration into the U.S. Course that will cost money with airfare, food, attorneys fee's and such but nowhere near what this last trip cost. So, we are praying and agreeing with God that this will be our last and final fundraiser and He will provide the remaining funds needed to complete this process. Please spread the word to friends and family about this event. I know it's close to Christmas but this is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the remaining 143 million orphans around the world and could possibly cause someone to act. If you don't have the funds to play in the tournament we completely understand, which is why we have a sponsorship program with information on how to have people sponsor you to play. With six people pledging just $20, you raise more than enough to play!! Plus, we will be giving away prizes for the most sponsorship money raised and as well as other prizes related to the game. Feel free to print off this flyer or email me directly ( for more specific information or for a sponsorship packet.
Love to all and check back for pics and posts from our journey!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sponsor a puzzle piece and help bring Dins home!!

Due to the amazing generosity of others, the favor of God and a small bank loan we are only short $3000 of the $10,000 needed for our trip to bring Dins home!!! God has been so gracious to us!! First-I was told it would be a MIRACLE OF GOD if we got our court date in October, well God showed them up!! Next, we had planned our Benefit Concert for November 14th to raise the $10,000 needed for our trip (since we wouldn't travel before then :D) and somehow God has provided $7000 so far along with 4 buddy passes and childcare for Brayden and Isabelle!! Everywhere we step in this journey, God has been there first!! We have every confidence that He will provide the needed funds for this trip!! But, as ACTIVE believers, we don't believe in sitting on the couch waiting for our faith check to come in the mail!! We are positioning ourselves for God to work Supernaturally to provide the needed funds!!
Thanks to the Higgins family, another adoptive family, they gave us this idea to give an opportunity to those who want to help but are like us-funds are stretched!
This is a fun and easy way to help out with our adoption. We have a 500 piece puzzle that we are putting together. It's called Glory to God-because He WILL get the glory on this one!! How you can help? Well, each piece of the puzzle is worth $5.00. When you purchase a piece we will write your name on the back of the piece you purchased. We will put the puzzle together as the pieces are bought. When every piece is bought we will glue the picture together and it will be hung on Dins's wall so he can see all who helped to bring him here. You wanna buy more than one piece? Please do! There is no limit on how many you can buy. Simply click the donate button at the bottom and it will take you through paypal. Or you can mail us a check payable to "Bringing Dins Home adoption fund" to The Clingers 2035 Old Newnan Rd Carrollton, GA 30116. If we sell every piece by next Friday-October 16th (we leave October 18th) we will have raised $2500!!! How amazing would it be if Dins came home to this amazing puzzle hanging on his wall?!! We need your help to do this!! Many of you have already helped so much and we ask that you only do what God calls you to do! Post a link on your facebook, send an email to your friends and family! Lets extend outside our circle and allow others the opportunity to change the life of a child forever for just $5!!
In His Service-The Clingers

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For those of you NOT on Facebook-We received our court date this past Sunday and will be inLatvia no later than Oct 21st.  We have our first court date Oct 22nd and then a final court dateOct 29th to decide if we receive custody or not.  Then we are free to leave Latvia Oct 31st!  Which is 3-THREE WEEKS from today! Wheew! This is where I need my prayer warriors!! We are still short and with our benefit concert set for November 14th, we are scrambling to get the needed funds.  So far, we are $6500 short BUT-God will provide! He already has!!! So many gracious people have come forward to help and also so many with buddy passes!! WAHOO!! Unfortunately, Delta doesn't fly directly to Riga so we are looking at possible PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES to get there!!  As soon as we find out our itinerary we will send it out to be bathed in prayer!! Also, something else exciting is that our oldest-Kaleb will be coming with us!!  He is beside himself with excitement so please pray that God would prepare his heart for what's to come!! It will be life-changing!! Also, pray for his passport which we had expedited Monday-hopefully it will make it in time!! BUT most importantly, pray for God's will in all things.  This is His plan, His doing and we wish to walk according to His plans-not rushing ahead and not falling behind! It's amazing the attacks at every turn!! The enemy is doing everything he can to cause trouble which just reminds us that what God is doing is absolutely amazing and the lives that will be changed will forever serve the kingdom of I see how Satan would be mad!
We appreciate so much everyone's support and prayers during this past year!! This day seemed to never come and yet here we stand....three weeks from holding our baby in our arms and our promises to him will become real!!! If anyone would like to help monetarily or have advice, pointers for international travel or has travel items we can use email me or call me directly-404-580-2756.

Much Love to the Body of Christ!!!

Anxious and excited!!